There are many types of Nippon Paint - how do I select the right paint? What are the differences?

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We currently have 7 types of interior paint in our range - the type of paint depends on your needs.

The specific characteristics & functionalities of each paint differentiates it from the others.

For example, Nippon Paint Odour-less EasyWash provides stain resistance & easy stain removal and is completely odourless, which is ideal for people sensitive or allergic to paint odour. The paint also has a soft sheen finish.

On the other hand, Vinilex 5000 has low odour and has a matte finish. The finish itself affects the colour outcome.

We have a Colour Creations machine in almost every dealer shop. This machine allows you to select the colour you like, followed by the product you want the colour to be tinted to. E.g. You like a colour presented on our Odourless range but wants to have it in EasyWash - that is possible using this machine. For the colours available, you may check them out by viewing our colour chart here.

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